Testimonials What the sports world greatest have to say
Dr. Jerry Buss

“He was one of those who has a deal written down on a piece of paper, and, he’d have one in one pocket, and a different deal in another pocket, and another deal in a different pocket, and another deal over here.Dennis was always the frontrunner.”

Jeanie Buss

“There’s so many things I love about Dennis Murphy, and the fact that Dennis Murphy was the first one to incorporate dancing, athletic women being part of a professional basketball game as the guys are taking a break, the girls take the floor and, you know, it’s show time. And that’s exactly what the Lakers girls brought to the NBA and now every team, including the Boston Celtics, has a dance squad.”

Jeanie Buss
Phil Jackson

"Lasting effects of 3-point shot on basketball are still seen today"

Phil Jackson
Bill Sharman

“Of course he should get the credit, but he worked with me, or I worked with him, before the season started, and we went to the gym a couple of times with some players and tried to see how it would work. And it turned out that I thought at first and he agreed with me that he had the line a little too far out, So I think my suggestion helped him that we should move it in a little bit. He suggested that we call it ‘the 25-foot shot’ and I suggested we call it the ‘3-point shot’. And he agreed, and he should get credit for the 3-point shot.”

Howard Baldwin

“Dennis Murphy created new markets. Hartford, Connecticut, Quebec, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Winnepeg, Phoenix, Denver, Cincinnati, Indianapolis. We were in all those markets in the WHA. So certainly in creating those new markets, he was a pioneer.”

Ralph Backstorm

“I think Dennis has done a lot for hockey players throughout North America and, you know, with all Europeans coming to North America now to play, I think you can say Dennis helped benefit the salaries. It’s actually gotten to a point where I don’t know how much higher the salaries can go, but I think everybody owes Dennis a big thank you and for what he’s done and what he’s done for salaries, and what he’s done for player benefits, throughout the world.”

Steve Pona

“The immediate lasting impact of Roller Hockey International could be seen right now in the National Hockey League. The overtime rule of the NHL changed, when they saw what happened in RHI. They now play 4-on-4, well, our game was played entirely 4-on-4. They saw how much open space and how much offense can happen when it’s 4-on-4. Their blue-line off-sides rule changed because of our offsides rules. They now instituted a shoot-out because they saw the success and how much the fans loved and embraced the shoot-out in RHI. And these rules were driven by Ralph Backstrom but created by Dennis Murphy. The National Hockey League today is entirely different than it was 20 years ago because of Roller Hockey International.”

Rick Barry

“Without Dennis Murphy coming up with the idea of creating this league, and making it become a reality, a great many players would not have had the opportunity, first of all, to play professional basketball, and none of them would have made the kind of money that they made, because without the ABA in existence, the salaries never would have become what they became.”

Ricky Berry
Mike Storen

“So, I think if you were to ask anybody, it would not be a stretch of the imagination to say that today's NBA is more like the ABA, than it is the old NBA.”

Jerry Saperstein
Larry Brown